The Melancholy of April Ayanami

Hey. I'm currently an undergraduate studying various social science/humanities subjects while trying to breathe normally. I do rhythm game stuff outside of academia.


My name is April. She/her pronouns are preferred. I'm a 24-year-old (July 4, 1997) Singaporean undergraduate student taking a double major in psychology and linguistics with a minor in philosophy.If you would like to contact me, I respond to DMs on Twitter whenever possible. You can also PM me on osu!.


My primary interests in academia are psycholinguistics (language acquisition, bi/multilingualism, and pragmatic acqusition), sociolinguistics (how people construct identity and sociological concepts through language) and social epistemology. Outside of that, I'm also interested in pedagogy, philosophy of social science, and philosophy of language.Outside of academia, my main interest is creating charts (maps/simfiles) in VSRGs (vertical scrolling rhythm games) and discussing about said activity with various people. I do some other miscellaneous VSRG shenanigans (e.g. tournament chart pool selection and tournament commentary) on the side, but chart creation is what I primarily do in VSRGs.I also listen to copious amounts of music, though the main genres that I'm interested in include ambient, drone, emoviolence/screamo, shoegaze, and post-hardcore/emo. I watch films as well, though my interests are more limited to essay films. My favourite films can be found in the Letterboxd link below (it's not an actual Letterboxd link).I'm a hobbyist polyglot as well, but I'm most fluent in English, and Portuguese and German being less fluent. I understand Swedish as well, but not quite as well as I want to.


My main aliases in VSRGs are Wiosna (Stepmania and Flash Flash Revolution) and Shoegazer (osu!mania). I'm mostly known for creating charts/maps/simfiles in various VSRGs.You can find my osu! profile by clicking on the osu! logo below. You can also find most of my maps there, and there is a list of my maps that I would recommend others to try that you can check on my userpage.As for my files/charts on Etterna/Stepmania, most of my charts can be found in these packs:
- untitled_unrevised (2016)
- recasted_rewritten (2017)
- We Are The Sound (2019)
- Breakcore Princess (2020)
- Nightflower Complex (2021)
- Sharpnel Instrumentality Project (2021)
- Breakcore Empress (WIP)